by Jerome Guzy

Mixed media on paper board. 8″ x 16″
“Ritual” with its reference to Halloween, and modernist design, again showcases Guzy’s theorist and historical knowledge and range. This vivid design in orange and black, ties into the Picasso and subsequent Kandinsky theorist treatises on the rejection of “high art”, which has continued to gain momentum through the lowbrow art movement. (“Any imagery created for ritual purposes is as significant, or even more so than, “art for arts sake”, ie high art, as it embodies the culture, history and spirituality of the artist in addition to the elements of design and execution found in all artworks. As each artist has their own perspective and influences, I maintain that there is no high art, or low art only art.”) [The case for art, art theory thesis IU, 1981 Wm Bock]

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March 3 @ 02:20
02:20 — 03:20 (1h)

Jerome Guzy

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